MDX Features

  • Timesaving geometry generation feature for laying out parallel/concentric girder systems, including those with variable horizontal curvature and skewed supports
  • Flexible nodal coordinate input feature for accomodating complex girder system framing plans and roadway layouts
  • Standard trucks and user-definable trucks (including rail loading)
  • Girder system analysis using grid (i.e. grillage) model, or plate and eccentric beam finite element model
  • Line girder (i.e. continuous beam analysis) approach also an option
  • Lane loading on influence surfaces or wheel load distribution on influence lines
  • Up to 20 spans, 60 girders
  • Steel plate I-girders, box girders, rolled shapes
  • Any girder web profile
  • Bearing stiffeners, intermediate transverse web stiffeners, longitudinal web stiffeners, box girder bottom flange stiffeners
  • Uniform or hybrid steel girders
  • Girder design generator for ASD, LFD, LRFD
  • Bolted web splice design for LFD, LRFD
  • Shear connector design
  • Weld design
  • Camber data and live load deflections
  • Incremental stress and deflection tables from slab pour sequence analysis
  • Performance ratio output
  • Girder rating according to ASD, LFD, LRFD
  • Variety of bracing types
  • Shape selection for bracing members
  • English or metric units, including hard conversion

New Features for Version 6:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Compact .MDX file format for ease of project archiving and sharing
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